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Publishing Report Cards Electronically with My BackPack

Is your school trying to reduce the amount of paper generated and sent through the mail to parents and students?

Since the release of version 92_0, many of our schools are now making use of the new electronic report card publishing features in Ascendance. There are several publishing options, and your school can use any (or any combination) of these:

  • Send the student report card to parents or students as an email attachment.
  • Email parents or students a link to a secure online version of the student report card (parents or students will need to sign in with their My BackPack credentials to view the report card).
  • Publish the student report card to the parent’s or student’s My Documents page in My BackPack, where it can be viewed and/or downloaded.

In addition to publishing Report Cards to My BackPack, you can also publish other custom, student-specific documents, such as:

  • Transcripts
  • Progress reports
  • Honor Roll reports

A secondary benefit to electronically publishing these documents is that the process automatically creates an online archive of these documents on the Media tab in the student record, which can be helpful for future reference purposes.

Implementing this feature requires some custom programming, which can be arranged by contacting our Senior Systems Custom Branding Services group. They’ll work with you to determine which reports can be published electronically, and make the necessary program changes.

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