Radius AE – Next-Generation Admission & Enrollment Solution for PK-12 Independent Schools

Radius AE is the next wave of innovation in Admission & Enrollment solutions. Completely web-based, your school’s data is accessible anywhere at any time and on any device with a web browser. It’s secure, feature-rich, and robust enough to handle the day-to-day complex operations of your school while giving each user a custom experience through personal settings and role-based accessibility. Radius AE takes a fresh approach to organizing data – centered around people, processes, and workflow. It’s simply the most efficient way to manage your school.

Senior Systems + Ravenna = Radius AE

What do you get when best-in-class solutions integrate? With Radius AE, you get a comprehensive admission and enrollment experience for your entire community. Ravenna is the industry’s leading admission solution, helping schools fill more seats with mission-appropriate students. Radius delivers a flexible, modern enrollment experience and upgraded parent portal. When integrated through the power of the SchoolCommunity platform, data transitions seamlessly, increasing efficiency and providing you with an incredibly powerful admission and enrollment solution. All of this data will flow right into the Ascendance modules you rely on today to ensure continuity in your school’s operation. 

Your School Connected Seamlessly

Radius AE provides an exceptional parent experience with an intuitive user interface and streamlined workflow that will increase efficiency in your admission and enrollment processes, made possible by the newly introduced SchoolCommunity platform. 


Through single sign-on and two-way data integration, this platform empowers you to choose from a best-in-class portfolio of solutions. A “wallet” style universal ID enables families and administrators to use one SchoolCommunity ID — the same username and password — to access all of these solutions. Gone are the days of remembering multiple passwords!

Why Radius AE?

✓ Modern Interface for Improved Parent Experience

Families can apply using Ravenna’s modern admission solution and are provided an improved contract and registration process, via an updated parent portal.

✓ Save Time & Find Your Best Fit Applicants

Radius AE’s industry leading Admission capabilities replace manual tasks with automated processes. You can transform your file reading, review and committee process and spend more time with applicants and families!

✓ Flexibility to Manage Enrollment & Re-enrollment

Radius AE’s new data structure supports a variety of student and family relationships. Your office can define who should receive an enrollment contract on a student-by-student basis and eliminate time consuming work arounds!

✓ Improve existing tools with a phased-in approach

Radius AE integrates directly into your existing Ascendance modules. There is no real learning curve for parents—the same information is available and is easy to find, all within an improved UX. You get new and improved tools, while keeping the reports and processes you rely on. 

Interested in seeing Radius AE in action? Click here to schedule a demo with a school solution expert!