School Solutions for Independent Schools Blog Technology From Tour to Desk: How to Leverage Integrated Admissions Solution
From Tour to Desk: How to Leverage Integrated Admissions Solution

From Tour to Desk: How to Leverage Integrated Admissions Solution

Moving students efficiently through the admissions pipeline at your PK-12 private school can make a huge competitive difference when compared with other schools students are considering. Admissions is the first impression prospective students experiences from your school, and PK-12 students have grown up using seamless web technology; therefore, even at the admissions stage, private PK-12 schools must perform effortlessly and with the level of innovation that today’s students are seeking.

Integrated Admissions Solution

Until recently most school admissions were handled with a mix of offline and online review and processing, but new software from Senior Systems enables your staff to manage every step of the admissions flow through easy-to-access, 100 percent web-based tools. Administrators can access Radius Admissions software from their PC, phone or Mac computer, allowing for easy uploads and access to the full scope of information they need, anywhere.

From prospective students to their parents, to your admissions team, to other offices in the school, everyone wants admissions to work smoothly and transparently, without duplicated work or bottlenecks to deal with.

The Benefits of an Integrated Student Information System

Radius Admissions is the most exciting, advanced and newly designed administrative software available for managing your school’s admissions flow.

Teacher Recommendations

Beginning with Teacher Recommendations, the software enables teachers, parents, and counselors to upload information and comments seamlessly.

Events Calendar

The software’s Events Calendar manages the scheduling of admissions events for the prospective student, keeping staff and parents aware of one another’s availability and avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Real-time Updates

Real-time updating within Radius means that any information provided by a parent, counselor, teacher or other staff is integrated and made available across platforms immediately, eliminating conflicting versions of data.

Custom Forms

Does your school use special categories or weights when ranking students for admission? Radius allows you to create custom forms that contain the fields you care about, so you can create the precise formula for choosing the right students for your school.

All Information in One Place

When it comes time to decide for a prospective student, all the information that has been collected regarding that student is available to the decision committee within Radius. From recommendations, to interview descriptions, to students’ profile data including their interests and test scores, Radius provides the decision committee with everything they need to make a smart, informed choice. There is no need to gather files or circulate spreadsheets, emails or PDFs, like in the past, as all data is now neatly organized by Radius. And because the software operates entirely in the cloud, data is continually backed up and can be accessed from any device, whether Mac, PC or mobile.

Ensuring a Successful Admissions Environment

In a world that is internally connected by technology, your admissions team must show prospective students that you love most advanced technology for the admissions process. To achieve this, your admissions office will need to be transparently and instantly connected with teachers, parents and all of the other offices in the school throughout the admissions process.

Your admissions office is only as strong as its integration with every other decision maker in the admissions journey. Now, with Radius, you don’t have to deal with missed calendar events, poor communication or slow distribution of data. Radius provides the tools you need to maintain a fully connected and competitive admissions environment all in one solution.

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