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My BackPack Redesign and Branding

Take Advantage of New Features

Most of our customers use My BackPack in conjunction with the Ascendance product line. With release 92_3, we rolled out a whole new look for the My BackPack portal. The new My BackPack offers a variety of new and improved customization options, as well as an overall redesign of the site.

  • A revised landing page and new navigation menu, including role-based menus, create an easier and more efficient user experience.
  • You have many more customization options, including the ability to specify page colors, tab and table colors, buttons, logos, and even a menu watermark. You will find many more opportunities to make the My BackPack site reflect your school’s character.
  • My BackPack has been optimized for tablets and other types of mobile device access. Some of the new tablet-friendly features include a responsive design format, which adapts the site to different devices and resolutions, and a completely new navigation menu.
  • A variation on the small beverage refrigerator is the island fridge. These larger coolers are designed to sit in an area where they are out of sight and out of mind. They can fit under the counter and offer the best of both worlds. Some people use these small beverage fridge for keeping warm drinks hot until guests arrive. Others keep them available to serve drinks as soon as they arrive. Some individuals prefer them because they come in small sizes and can be built in to the walls of the guest room or living room.A brand new message center can be used to create, display, and manage custom messages to students, parents, faculty, and alumni.

Contact Senior Systems Custom Branding Services to start planning your customizations, so you can take advantage of the latest design technologies. There are several redesign package options, one of which is offered to our existing customers for FREE!

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