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Getting Ready for Ascendance End of Year Processing

It’s that time of year!

Students are getting ready to graduate or move on to their next challenge. School offices are wrapping up their administrative tasks for the current year, and looking ahead to the upcoming academic and fiscal year. End of year processing can seem like an overwhelming task, but with a little preparation and some good instructions, you can wrap up this year and start looking ahead to the upcoming academic and fiscal year.

You can check it out here: End of Year – Online

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For a smooth End of Year process…

  • Make sure you have a current backup. This is the single most important thing to remember. You may not need it, but it does not hurt to be prepared. Ascendance Cloud customers should contact Senior Systems Product Support at least 24 hours in advance so we can schedule your backup. Self-hosted customers should create a special backup that will not be over-written for at least several months (or until your audit is complete).
  • Preparation is key! Even if you’re an End of Year “veteran”, make sure to review this year’s instructions as there are always at least a few changes.
  • Do you have several offices that may not be in the same building, or not even on the same campus? You might want to designate a coordinator! A coordinator acts as a single point of contact for each office going through EOY processing, and makes sure each step happens at the right time.
  • As you get started, be sure to read ALL the instructions before you begin. Some tasks are absolute pre-requisites for others. All data entry for Academic Office applications MUST be complete (grades, comments, attendance, report cards), while some Business Office data can be finished up after EOY.

…and please be sure to contact Senior Systems Product Support if you have any questions.

Congratulations on wrapping up another successful year!

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