A Smooth Installation for School Management Software Depends on Careful Planning and Coordination.

The length of time varies by project size, but in most cases the timeline covers a period of several months. Our project managers oversee all the details and guide you throughout the process:

Contract Signing
When we receive your signed contract, the implementation process begins, and a project manager or team of project managers is assigned to work with you.
Complete Questionnaires
You receive and complete a set of questionnaires designed to help us understand the details of your school operations.
Needs Assessment
Our management team reviews the completed questionnaires and prepares a preliminary customer profile and implementation summary.
Specification Meetings
We meet with appropriate personnel from your school, either onsite or via conference call, to discuss your needs in more detail, to ask and answer questions resulting from the questionnaire process, and to determine whether you will need any software customization.
Schedule Finalized
Once we have all the pieces of the puzzle, we work with you to set a schedule for data conversion, installation, and training.
Data Conversion Using Preliminary Data
You provide us with a preliminary data set that we use to build your customized data conversion routines, and to test the conversion process. During this time, we work with you as needed to identify and resolve any data issues.
Data Conversion
Final Pass – Approximately 7-10 days before installation, you provide us with a final data set, and we perform the conversion and load the data. You review the conversion reports and let us know if there are any problems.
Software Installation
For hosted installations, Senior Systems technical personnel handle all the installation details. For schools that purchase our software, we can work with your IT staff to perform the installation remotely, or, for schools that do not have an IT staff, our technical personnel can travel to your site to perform the installation.
On-Site Training
Our training program is tailored to your school’s unique needs, and varies based on the specific software modules you have purchased. We have standard training packages that we can recommend and/or we can provide any type of customized training you require.
Continued Support and Upgrades
Your relationship with us doesn’t end with implementation. We provide continuing product support via email, website, and/or our toll-free telephone support line at 1-888-480-0102 ext. 1. As part of your support plan, you receive free software upgrades as we make changes and enhancements over time.