2023-2024 Upcoming Maintenance Calendar

Senior Systems maintenance calendar provides dates on upcoming planned maintenance to services and network to ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of our systems. If you have any questions, please contact our Support team.

From To
Friday, December 15th 11PM ETSaturday, December 16th 8AM ET
Friday, January 26th, 2024 11PM ETSaturday, January 27th, 2024 8AM ET
Friday, February 23rd 11PM ETSaturday, February 24th 8AM ET
Friday, March 22nd 11PM ETSaturday, March 23rd 8AM ET
Friday, April 26th 11PM ETSaturday, April 27th 8AM ET
Friday, May 17th 11PM ETSaturday, May 18th 8AM ET
Friday, June 14th 11PM ETSaturday, June 15th 8AM ET
Friday, June 28th 11PM ETSaturday, June 29th 8AM ET
Friday, July 12th 11PM ET Saturday, July 13th 8AM ET
Friday, July 26th 11PM ET Saturday, July 27th 8AM ET
Friday, August 23rd 11PM ET Saturday, August 24th 8AM ET
Friday, September 27th 11PM ETSaturday, September 28th 8AM ET
Friday, October 25th 11PM ETSaturday, October 26th 8AM ET
Friday, November 22nd 11PM ETSaturday, November 23rd 8AM ET
Friday, December 27th 11PM ETSaturday, December 28th 8AM ET