Keep Your Finger on The Pulse of Your Independent School with the Ascendance Dashboards. Get Up-to-the-minute Analyses Customized Just for You!

Get relevant school data visualized in interactive dashboards at the right time to manage your school effectively. Keep up with changes as they are happening and get the big picture at a glance – drill down into the details to make the right decision for admissions, business office, registrar, and alumni development. With a single login, get critical KPIs from core offices without the need for running reports for each department in separate systems.

Ascendance Dashboards is a set of highly customizable information display that is available across all Ascendance applications. Choose the dashboard modules you need based on which Ascendance modules you have installed.

Learn more about our Ascendance Dashboards add-on by downloading the product sheet.

Features: Ascendance Dashboards

✓ Create and configure as many widgets as you need, organized onto multiple tab-style pages if necessary.

✓ Widgets can be instantly re-arranged, expanded and contracted just by clicking and dragging.

✓ Select from several types of charts—bar, pie, line, area, or funnel—or choose a gauge or grid/table format.

✓ Configure to select data by date ranges and other criteria, or use a query to narrow the dataset.

✓ Just click on a chart segment to drill down to data details.

✓ Customize to set titles, labels, legends, colorsets, backgrounds, and other formatting details.

✓ Re-configure at any time to change format, labeling, or data selections.

✓ Security features ensure that dashboard users can only view data for which they are authorized.

✓ Share widgets or even entire dashboards using export and import functions.

✓ Publish non-interactive versions to your school website or distribute them to other community users via a web link.

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