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Why is Autopay preferred amongst most of schools?

Millions of American families make school payments every month. Why have a lot of these families switched from paper checks to online automatic withdrawals? We have found these 10 answers to be the top reasons:

  1. Security. Money transferred electronically passes through fewer hands than a paper check.
  2. Forget-proof. Life can come at you fast—and it’s easy to forget or misplace a bill. Scheduled AutoPay payments are on time every time. No reminders needed!
  3. No add-on costs. Stamps went up to $0.50 in January. Most checks aren’t free, either.
  4. Flexibility. With AutoPay, you can choose your payment date and change it as needed.
  5. Pay your tuition faster. It’s easier to pay extra toward your child’s tuition if income is variant during the year. Just set it up in AutoPay.
  6. Go green. A lot of resources and energy go into the paper production, printing, handling, transportation, and delivery of your bill. AutoPay is greener.
  7. Safety. A payment sent through AutoPay can’t be stolen from a mailbox or lost in the mail.
  8. Peace of Mind. Realizing you’ve forgotten a bill is a great way to ruin a vacation. AutoPay lets your relax.
  9. Speed. AutoPay payments post to your account much faster than a mailed paper check, making it easier to manage your finances with precision.
  10. Easy sign-up. It takes less than 5 minutes to enroll online in MyBackpack.

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