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Two-Factor Authentication: A Security Essential

We’ve all heard about it on the news, online and in person—security breaches that result in hundreds or in some cases thousands of passwords being leaked to the wrong people. Adobe, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Twitter accounts get breached time and again. People are always faced with security breaches, and with more and more websites requesting users to login to access the important elements of the site, passwords are being leaked or hacked now more than ever.

What is a user to do? It’s impossible to remember tens or even hundreds of passwords that are truly unique, don’t include the common core values of 1,2,3,4,5,6, or USERname123 or any of the other not-so-random combinations that people tend to come up with as their passwords. Likewise, with networks the way they are today, saving those passwords to a home computer is equally inefficient and unsafe. Hackers can easily breach your network and steal the file that includes all of your vital passwords.

Although, two-factor authentication is a security essential, most non-IT people don’t even know what it is. Despite the fact that Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other major online players are now offering users the ability to utilize the protection of two-factor authentication, many users still have no clue what this is or how important it really is to double-protect passwords from hackers. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s account has recently been hacked, a situation that likely never would have occurred if he had been using two-factor authentication to protect the account.

At Senior Systems, we have partnered with RSA to provide an integration that maximizes the protection of data and other resources for our clients.

Senior Systems’ Two-Factor Authentication Solution

The RSA SecurID key chain easily connects to a key ring and can be carried with the user. This device stores the credentials for the user and stores RSA SecurID token codes for secure, two-factor authentication. RSA SecurID hardware tokens provide cost effective security solutions to organizations and to individual users. They are as simple to use as entering a password but much more secure with a second level of authentication, which means your information, your valuable data is protected.

With two-factor authentication, the worry of having online accounts hacked and taken over by uninvited users is greatly reduced. While this security measure may not be able to completely eradicate the potential for hackers to gain access to valuable information online, it’s definitely safer to login using two-factor authentication than to do so without it.

For more information about our two-factor authentication solution, please contact sales at 1-888-480-0102, Ext 2, or email us at sales[at]localhost/wordpress.

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