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Senior Systems and Boardingware Partnership

Senior Systems and Boardingware Team Up!

Senior Systems and Boardingware would like to announce an integration partnership to provide mutual clients a better comprehensive service.

Senior Systems is at the center of everything. Our Ascendance product is a single, central database that empowers independent schools to manage data effectively and efficiently.

Boardingware provides ResLife teams with a reliable system to efficiently and securely manage day-to-day student activities, so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing what you love.

This collaboration provides exceptional support for their shared customers. If you’re a customer of Boardingware and Senior Systems, your services will only get better and easier with this new partnership.

About Boardingware:

Designed specifically for and in collaboration with boarding schools, Boardingware is a world leader in student management solutions and is being used by ResLife teams in more than eight countries to reduce and manage risk, improve communications and efficiently carry out administrative tasks. ResLife teams use Boardingware to process on/off campus leave, check in’s/out’s, track student whereabouts, attendance, student welfare, pastoral care and much more.

To find out how Boardingware can help your school, register for your free, no-obligation demonstration at

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