Automatically Create and Load Complex Master Schedules for Your Independent School Registrar or Academic Office with Schedule Builder/Loader!

For schools with complex scheduling needs, you can’t do it alone. You need schedule building software that uses sophisticated algorithms to help you create a “best fit” master schedule, satisfying as many requests and constraints as possible, and then lets you work from there to make minor adjustments. You want it to take into account student course requests, faculty availability and work restrictions, room characteristics, and special meeting time requirements and constraints. Once you have a master schedule in place, you need schedule loading software to place students into sections, considering factors such as load and gender balancing, alternate student requests, linking between courses and sections, and seating minimums and maximums. You also want the ability to retain partial schedules that you can manually complete for students with conflicts.

Learn more about our Ascendance Registrar module and its add-ons by downloading the product sheet.

Features: Ascendance Schedule Builder/Loader

✓ Define detailed constraints for faculty—by subject area, time restrictions, workload limits, etc.

✓ Define detailed constraints for rooms and related class resources—by subject area/department, teacher assignment, time restrictions, etc.

✓ Builder attempts to accommodate highest number of student requests.

✓ Loader uses multiple passes to meet as many requests as possible.

✓ Loader supports balancing sections by student count and/or by gender, and minimum, maximum or optimal seat loading.

✓ Experiment with multiple combinations of resource constraints or parameters and compare results to achieve optimal schedule.

✓ Freeze specific sections or existing schedules.

✓ Reporting to identify conflicts and problems requiring manual adjustments after the process is complete.

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