Provide Your Independent School's Faculty and Staff A Comprehensive Form Publishing Tool for Better Form Distribution and Management with FormBuilder.

My BackPack is a comprehensive web solution for constituent communication and community building. The FormBuilder allows faculty and admin users to create ad-hoc online forms, publish them to any My BackPack user, then optionally archive the form to the database and update database fields based on form responses. Send forms to parents and staff directly, electronically and paperlessly and fully integrated with the Ascendance product line. This integration means that certain merge fields available in the FormBuilder are directly linked to the information on record in the database. Some merge fields can even be updated in the database via a submitted form!

Learn more about our Ascendance My BackPack module and its add-ons by downloading the product sheet.

Features: My BackPack FormBuilder

✓ Collect payments for events, trips, and so much more with payment options, which can be posted to A/R in Ascendance.

✓ Ability for My BackPack faculty and admin users to create online forms.

✓ Ability for My BackPack faculty and admin users to accept documents and other files submitted online via a drop box.

✓ Ability for Parent, Student, Applicant, Faculty, and all Communities to submit forms.

✓ Include information from the database via merge fields on forms and form-related notifications.

✓ Easy, user-friendly interface, fully integrated with My BackPack and Ascendance.

✓ Create templates for quick and easy repeated tasks.

✓ Customize form approval workflow, including custom status definitions and field-by-field review options.

✓ Archive submitted forms to your Ascendance database, including Student, Applicant, Alumni, and Faculty.

✓ Reporting tools within both the FormBuilder and your Ascendance applications, providing real-time updates on form submission status, response tallies, and more!

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