Provide Web-based Access to Both Budgeting and Purchase Request Functions for An Unlimited Number of Users Among Your School Staff with Online Budget Management.

A good purchasing process provides flexibility and control, while eliminating duplicate data entry. You need a system that ties purchases to budget line items, but pushes much of the data entry process out to the front lines. You need an automated workflow that provides for controls and approvals, yet lets users track the progress of their requests. And you need complete integration with your accounts payable software, to automatically generate purchase orders and facilitate the receiving and invoice payment processes.

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Features: Ascendance Online Budget Management

✓ Department heads and selected staff can independently view and report on their own budgets.

✓ Drill down provides details about how funds were spent.

✓ Provides historical data for comparisons.

✓ Optionally enable staff to enter budget requests for next year.

✓ Limit users to relevant accounts only, while allowing directors and supervisors to access multiple areas.

✓ Let users create standard or blanket purchase requests against their authorized budget accounts.

✓ Provides controls for approval by supervisors and/or business office personnel.

✓ Generates warnings when budgets are exceeded and makes it easy to see the funds left to spend in an account.

✓ Allow users to select an existing vendor, or enter a new vendor subject to approval.

✓ Integrates with Accounts Payable to automatically create purchase orders upon approval.

✓ Includes Dashboard widgets to display budget and actual data in graph form.

OGM Getting Started Guide

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