New Add-on Features in Ascendance

Defining a significant company milestone in an unparalleled twenty-five-year journey, Senior Systems significantly extends the reach of its solutions and introduces many innovations that give all Senior Systems users new levels of effectiveness.

Our primary focus at Senior Systems is helping our clients succeed using our all-in-one administrative solution. Several areas we are continually improving is our parent experience in My BackPack and administrative processes in Ascendance. Here are our the latest add-on features in our Ascendance product line.

My BackPack AutoPay

The AutoPay feature is a recurring payment that parents can set up and control in My BackPack. Once they enroll, AutoPay automatically transfers funds from their bank account, debit card or credit card according to the schedule they set up. This new feature will help schools reduce delinquent payments and provide more reliable cash flow, while also providing a convenient way for parents to manage their online payments.

All-in-one Tuition Management

We are excited to be the first K-12 software provider to fuse the best features of both in-house and outsourced tuition management services. In Ascendance 93_3, we are offering an integrated tuition management service to streamline all aspects of the tuition process built into the Senior Systems platform. This means schools and families have one portal to use to manage payments and student records. Schools will get instant access to online deposits and real-time reporting across the platform.

SMS Broadcast Messaging

My BackPack SMS broadcast messaging is a quick and easy method for schools to send relevant messages to families on their mobile devices. This powerful form of communication is a must because 98% of a school’s population has access to mobile devices, and it’s also a preferred communication method by younger parents. You can setup queries in Ascendance to easily target specific student groups, parents, and staff. Create templates for quick messaging and personalize them with merge fields. SMS is consumed faster than any other kind of mass communication, with higher open rates compared to e-mail. This add-on feature will surely enhance our clients’ communication strategy.

Contact Sales for More Information

These add-on features in Ascendance are available now! Contact a Senior Systems Sales Consultant for more information at 1-888-480-0102, or send an e-mail to

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